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James Burns, Principal
Betsy Conery, Secretary

Mission Statement

Developing the talents from the Father...  Sharing the gifts of the Spirit...
Living the example of the Son... We are St. Peter Cathedral School


Principal's Message

Dear Friends of Cathedral of St. Peter School,

School has been in session for over a month now. During this time I have been amazed at the physical changes of many of our students from the end of last school year. Many have grown more than one would have anticipated, especially in the short amount of time over the summer. What I still enjoy seeing is their smiling, happy faces as they enter our school each day. I continue to be impressed with the level of respect and politeness they display throughout the day.

Since the start of the year there have been many opportunities to speak with parents of current students, as well as recent graduates. Parents of recent graduates are pleased with the direction our use of technology is moving as they have found that their child is well prepared for the expectations of using Google Docs/Drive and Chromebooks at Boylan. These parents believe that their child is “ahead of the curve”. Several parents of current students indicate how much their child enjoys attending our school. Others have shared that they are glad our focus is upon teaching the skills necessary to be successful now and in the future, not preparing children to take tests.

The next 125 plus days will pass quickly. These days are quite precious in the amount of time we have with what we need to accomplish. During this time the staff at Cathedral of St. Peter School are called upon to be stewards of the lives of your children, to further develop the basic tenets of our faith, to educate, nurture, and challenge each. In addition to focusing upon the aforementioned, the staff will work as a team of educators on the following:

  • Implementing our K-8 writing program. It is imperative each child learns to express himself/herself appropriately and in a manner that is easily understood through written communication. Teachers will be teaching and expecting your child to apply our program --- 6 Traits of Writing.
  • Continue to provide the teachers with professional development on using Google. This includes Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Classroom. A goal is to have students complete assignments using their Google account.
  • Transition the middle school level English program from the traditional textbook to an online format. As more and more schools at the secondary level expect students to use online texts, this will give our students the experience needed to be successful when they encounter it in the future. Again, They will be “ahead of the curve”.

Our students need to engage in these as they are evolving into the new life skills. The skills needed for future success, not just in learning but in careers as well.  

Accreditation with the Rockford Diocese and State of Illinois will be another focus. Our school will conduct a self-evaluation as well as be evaluated by administrators from other Diocesan elementary schools and the State Board of Education. Parents will play a critical factor in this process. Your input is essential as our staff works to ensure we are providing not only a quality Catholic education, but are meeting the needs for your child, so that each one is prepared for a successful future.

With gratitude for our past successes, I pray that we all have an excellent school year.

James Burns



Pre-K  information is available at this link Pre-Kindergarten Information

2015-16 Supply List   2015-2016SupplyList.pdf

Vanishing Tuition Program  Poof!!! And your tuition is gone. Yes, you can make your tuition disappear through the school’s Vanishing Tuition Program. For every new student that you recommend to attend our school you will have $500 credited towards your tuition! There is no limit to the amount you can have deducted.  The family you recommend must enroll and remain through the school year. To take advantage of the Vanishing Tuition call the school office.


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